Black Unicorns: Beginning, Jessica Hill

Jessica standing in front of her triptych at the Center for the Study of Slavery and Justice.

In this episode I speak with West Georgia alumna, and mom of three, Jessica Hill about her ongoing struggle with shaping her career while birthing and raising three kids. Jessica’s story does not follow the beaten path. In fact, the path she has found seems to be a rough trail of obstacles that sporadically delivers epic promises and hope. I believe educators can learn a lot from Jessica’s story as she presents an alternative version of an experience than what her educators may have believed they were delivering. Her story is still in its infancy and I will be following Jessica to see how it develops over the next year or so. Stay tuned!

“Black mermaids, Black Unicorns: Unpressed Dreams of a Gullah Girl”; printed fabric

Jessica’s Biography

Jess Hill was born and raised in Atlanta Georgia and spent her summers in Charleston South Carolina. She received her BFA in Printmaking, with a minor in Art History, at the University of West Georgia and is a recipient of the 2018 Heinmark Artist in Residence at Brown University and the 2017 Emerging Artist Residency from Atlanta Printmakers Studio. She is currently living and working in Atlanta, Ga. Her work focuses on how we view each other through the prisms of race and gender. Hill aims to bridge the gap of difference to promote healing and oneness among all people and especially those most disenfranchised. Her goal is to change our thinking from individuality to global similarity- seeing “me” in “them,” and “them in “me.”

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