Be a Seed, Lily Landers

Lily Landers’ is a yogi mama living in LA.

In this episode I speak with Lily Landers, a new mom who has devoted her life to teaching kids. She lives in LA, where she shares her yoga practice with kids in public schools and families in private homes. We talk about her experience teaching inner city youth in New York City and LA and what it took to get started with her teaching practice. She also tells me about the the way some of her teaching aide ideas came to her in those quiet moments of breast feeding.

Lily’s Biography

Lily Landers holds a master’s degree in the sociology of education from New York University and has worked in youth development for over a decade. Her yoga classes, songs, books, and plays have inspired thousands of kids in her hometown of Los Angeles, where she currently resides with her husband and son.

Visit Lily’s website at

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