#Preserving Curiosity, Justine Riley

Justine is a bookmaker and ceramicist living in rural Mayfield Kentucky with a Bachelors of Fine Arts from Murray State University. She has a seven year old son she homeschools and feeds from their family’s farm. In this episode, we talk about Justine’s reticence with identifying as a mother while, at the same time, taking on the responsibilities of a homeschooling parent. She talks about her philosophies on learning and not being a rule follower, and how the two relate to her decision to become an artist.

Justine’s Bio

Justine Riley lives in Mayfield, KY with her husband and son. She’s a flower grower, a horse smeller, a book maker. Justine’s art journey started in clay. She received a BFA with a focus on pottery, however at the same time she was becoming more curious about book arts. She explores both sides of what a book is, not just the story, but the vessel that contains the story. Justine draws on lots of curiosities for inspiration: her son James, sewing, homemaking, living with pottery, gardening, industrial farming, poetry, community, teaching book arts, trees and smells.

See Justine’s work at SketchJournalRecord.com

Visit Justine’s Instagram feed @sketchjournalrecord

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